What You Need To Know About Driver License Suspension Hearings In Garland, Texas

Lawyers That Defend Driver License Suspensions


If you have been sent a letter from The Department Of Public Safety outlining their intent to suspend your driving privileges in Texas, then you need to take action immediately to ensure that your license is taken away from you.  There are too many privileges connected to our driving privileges that it must be taken seriously.  This article outlines some of the steps that must be taken in order to protect your driving privileges in Texas once DPS sends out a notice to suspend a person’s driving privileges.  If you would like to discuss your driver license suspension with an experienced lawyer in your area after reading this article, feel free to contact our office at 214-321-4105.

Lawyers That Help With Driver License Suspension Hearings

Lawyers That Help With Driver License Suspension Hearings

Understanding The Notice Of Driver License Suspension

DPS also refers to the notice of suspension as a “Notice Of Enforcement Action.”  The notice is sent in the form of a letter by first class mail to the driver’s last known mailing address.  So, if your address is not correct with DPS you could get the notice and not even realize it.  That is why it is important to make sure your address is correct with DPS.  To do this you will need to fill out the application for change of address on your driver license form.  You do not want to miss important information that is being sent to you, so take the time to make sure your address is correct.  Even if the notice is not received, the suspension will still happen if your address is not correct.  Make sure it is correct.

After the notice is received, you will need to take action to avoid the suspension.  If you do not take action, then the suspension will take place automatically without giving you an opportunity to have a hearing and object to the suspension.  In the notice itself, it will outline your right to object to the suspension.  You must take the opportunity to object and request a hearing within the time period listed in the letter.  You can fax this request to the fax number listed in the letter.  Make sure you keep a copy of the fax confirmation for your records as well.

Lawyers That Help Defend Driver License Suspensions

At this point, you probably need to consult a lawyer about the reason for the suspension.  There are multiple reasons why a license can be suspended.  In order to properly fight the suspension, you are going to need to know the reason for the enforcement action and how to remedy the problem.  Sometimes this will take some proactive steps on your part to ensure that by the time of the hearing you license is showing eligible in the system.  For this reason, we suggest you contact a driver license suspension lawyer to go over the specifics of your case to be successful at the hearing.  To talk with our Driver License Suspension Attorneys call 214-321-4105.