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If you have been issued a ticket for theft out of the city of Garland and need help making sure it does not cause a serious impact on your personal and professional life our experienced team of Garland ticket attorneys may be able to help.  This article is intended to outline the basics when it comes to theft laws and what needs to be done to defend a theft ticket in Garland.  After reading this article, if you would like to talk to an attorney that can help you fight the theft ticket in Garland, call our legal professionals to set up a consultation.

The Theft Law In Texas

In Texas, theft laws are pretty simple.  If you appropriate (take) the property of another without the effective consent (permission) of that individual, you can be charged with theft.  If you receive property that you knew was stolen you could also be charged with theft.  Depending on the value of the object the charge could be as low as a ticket in Garland Municipal Court or a felony in Dallas County.  In order for a theft case to be within the jurisdiction of Garland Municipal Court, the value of the item alleged to be stolen must not be worth more than $50.00.  If the item is worth more than $50.00, then it will be classified as a higher offense and be sent to Dallas County.

Defending Theft Tickets In Garland

After a theft case has been filed with Garland Municipal Court, you must take a few steps to protect your constitutional rights to notice and hearing.  The first step is to make sure that you appear in court on or before the date on the citation issued.  If you do not appear in Garland before that time a warrant could be issued for your arrest.  Next, you must enter a plea of “not guilty” and request a pre-trial hearing to discuss your case with the city prosecutor for Garland.  This plea preserves your right to contest the matter if a deal cannot be negotiated for dismissal of the charge.  Finally, it is important to discuss a theft case with an attorney to determine what legal options you have to contest and negotiate the matter.

Theft tickets are more serious than other charges in that they can have a serious impact on your ability to gain employment.  Most good jobs will not consider those that have been convicted of a theft charge.  The premise is that if that person will steal from another, then they most certainly will steal from them.  Further, a person charged or convicted of a theft case is not allowed to enjoy the right of sitting on a jury.  Because a theft charge is considered a crime of moral character, it allows the judicial system to cast a shadow on those that have theft cases on their record.  These are just two examples of how a theft case can have a negative impact on your life.  For this reason, consult with a lawyer in Garland before you choose to take any action on your case to insure you get the best possible outcome for your case.