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We get calls every day regarding tickets in Garland, Texas.  Many want to know what law they are being charged with.  Others want to know if the case is eligible for dismissal.  Some have questions about warrants.  However, almost all of them want to know what it costs to hire a lawyer in Garland for traffic tickets.  This article is intended to outline the pricing structure of most law firms and the reasoning behind the structure for price.  If you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with our Garland Ticket Attorneys contact our office today.


What’s The Cost?

Garland Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Garland Ticket Lawyer

In most offices you are going to be charged a flat fee for the service they provide.  In most cases, the fee you will be quoted is for traffic tickets only and they must not be in warrant.  The typical fee for these types of tickets is on average about $75.00.  Considering that your normal Garland attorney makes about $300.00 per hour, the fee itself is a bargain.  That is because the lawyer is hoping to make up the additional hourly fee in volume from other clients that have chosen to hire them for the same docket pending that month.


The flat fee you pay normally covers most of the pre-trial work necessary to determine if a case is eligible for dismissal.  If it is not, then it will cover the negotiation process with the Garland Municipal Court prosecutor and having the agreed settlement approved by the judge.  You should not expect to take your case all the way to the Supreme Court of Texas for $75.00.  However, you should expect to have your case handled professionally and your options clearly outlined for that price.  You should also be able to regularly talk to a staff member of the firm and a lawyer if you have questions you need answered about your case.


If a case must go to trial in order to get the best possible outcome, most attorneys are going to charge an additional fee above and beyond the $75.00 you have paid.  This is because the $75.00 was exhausted on man hours and overhead during the pre-trial process.  Also, there is not enough volume of cases actually going to trial for the finance to be borne by a volume of customers.  Fewer cases go to trial which means fewer people must bear the expense of properly preparing for trial.  In our firm, we always file a motion a motion for discovery and possibly three other motions on our client’s behalf once set for trial.  These hearings each must be heard and ruled upon.  For this reason, our fee is set to compensate the paralegals and attorneys accordingly.  Having stated that, the fee is still very reasonable.  In most cases a full trial before a jury, which normally takes about 8hrs of time from initial hiring to the conclusion of the case will only cost a client an additional $425.00.  Based on the average hourly rate of a Garland attorney at $300.00 an hour, you are only paying your attorney about $60.00 per hour for the same level of service.


These fees can vary up and down depending on the circumstances.  They are just a rough idea of what it would take to initially hire a lawyer, and if necessary, take your case to trial.  Call our office today to discuss your situation and we would be happy to give you a quote.