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If you are a commercial driver then you know just how important it is to protect your driving record from any violation being reported as permanent conviction on your record.  Insurance companies are placing impossible standards on employers for their drivers to have flawless records.  That coupled with the fact that Texas will now allow the normal resolution procedures afforded to regular class “c” drivers has caused need for experienced traffic ticket lawyers in Garland to help bridge the gap between the commercial driver and Garland Municipal Court.  This article is intended to help commercial drivers looking for a speeding ticket attorney in Garland understand how the case will proceed and what steps they need to take to protect themselves from an unwanted traffic conviction.  If you would like to discuss your speeding ticket in Garland with our experienced team of ticket attorneys feel free to call us today.

The Current Law In Texas For Commercial Drivers

We might as well say it.  Texas is not friendly when it comes to commercial driver’s who receive a speeding ticket.  It doesn’t matter whether the violation was received while driving personal vehicle or in a commercial vehicle.  The result is the same.  Texas will not allow a commercial driver to protect their record short of going to trial and being successful on the merits.  This is the current state of the law in Texas and makes defending commercial drivers more important than ever.

Defending Commercial Drivers In Texas

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So how do you defend speeding tickets or other moving violations in Texas?  Well the first thing you need to understand is that you are going to need help.  An experienced speeding ticket attorney in Garland is worth his weight in gold to a commercial driver who relies on their CDL to support their family.  We suggest you call our lawyers immediately upon being issued the traffic ticket in Garland.  Once that happens, we can then plead you not guilty and request a pre-trial hearing to determine what options we can work out with the prosecutor to protect you.

The good thing about Garland Municipal Court is that the prosecutor is one of the best in North Texas.  The judges are the same way.  They actually care about the citizens of Garland in a way that is rare to find.  They will bend over backwards to help you if you do what it takes to help yourself.  Many times, we are able to negotiate a settlement of the case that protects our commercial drivers that would not be available in other cities.  Again for this reason, we suggest you call our Garland traffic ticket attorneys as soon as possible after receiving the traffic ticket if you are a commercial driver.