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Let’s face it.  We live in a fast paced world.  Many of us choose convenience over substance out of necessity just to keep our heads above water.  So when you hear that you can pay your traffic ticket online, it seems like the most convenient way to resolve the matter without having to take much  time out of your day.  However, that could end being the worst decision you make when it comes to your traffic ticket in Garland Municipal Court.  This article is intended to explain how online payments are treated in Texas and how to avoid the convenience trap in an effort to save your driving privileges, protect your driving record and keep our insurance rates low.  If you would like to discuss an option that is just as convenient as online pay  that affords you legal protection in court after reading this article, feel free to contact our Garland ticket attorneys today.


Why Online Payments For Garland Traffic Tickets Is A Bad Financial Choice

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At first blush, who wouldn’t want to make a payment online for an unwanted traffic ticket?  First, it saves time.  After all, you don’t have to take a day off work to show up in court.  Second, you don’t have to show up in court.  The problem that is not being explained well at all by Cities who are responsible for collecting fine payments are the consequences of paying a ticket online.  The law is very clear that an online payment is the equivalent of being found guilty of the offense a person is charged  with.  Convictions in Texas must be reported on a person’s permanent driving record.  These convictions are then monitored by The Department of Public Safety in an effort to punish those drivers that have bad driving records.


Some of the penalties we have seen a person end up dealing with after making an online payment are as follows:

  • Receiving a surcharge notice from DPS informing the driver that they are required to pay $750.00 divided into 3 equal installments over the next 3 years or have their driving privileges suspended indefinitely.
  • Receiving notice that their license will be suspended for having 2 or more serious moving violations reported within a 1 year period.
  • Receiving notice that their license will be suspended for having a traffic ticket conviction reported during an invalid period
  • Receiving a notice that an annual surcharge of $150.00 will be payable to DPS for having too many violations reported within a 3 year period (normally $150.00 a year for 3 years).

Many of these clients come into our office scratching their heads wondering how in the world they ended up getting one of these notices.  Most of the time when we sit down with them and ask them the simple question, how have you taken care of your tickets in the past, they say they paid them online.  When we ask them why they chose to pay their tickets this way, they cite the normal reasons.  It was convenient.  I was too busy.  I didn’t have time to take off work to go to Garland.


Keeping Traffic Tickets In Garland Convenient

Traffic tickets don’t have to take up  2 or 3 days of your time to keep them from causing you damage.  You can still accomplish the goal of convenience and protect yourself from some of the penalties discussed above simply by hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney in Garland, Texas to assist you.  Normally, we have clients signed up and taken care of in less than 5 minutes.  The benefits of hiring a lawyer are many.  Some of those benefits are:

  • The attorney goes to court for you in Garland
  • The attorney negotiates the best deal for you with the Garland Prosecutor
  • The attorney finalizes all paperwork necessary to either get the case dismissed or to sign you up for an option to protect your record
  • The attorney notifies you of any and all requirements on your part to complete to keep a ticket off your record
  • The attorney can personally make payments for you in Garland that keep the ticket off your record instead of you having to go to court to do this

This is just one small part of the benefit of hiring a lawyer in Garland for traffic tickets.  We believe the best part of having a trusted Garland attorney for tickets is the education you receive in return.  Our goal is to make smart consumers that understand the value of professional legal services.  Hopefully this article will help you make a smart and convenient choice in your particular case.