Paying A Ticket In Garland, What You Need To Know

Paying Off Traffic Tickets In Garland Municipal Court


Garland Municipal Court – Things To Know Before Paying A Traffic Ticket

Citations have fines assessed and once those fines are paid the cases are closed in most cases. The statement above is true but it also has a number of outcomes that can result from paying the fines. We want you to know what the options are for you and why each one may or may not be the way to go. If you prefer talking to someone rather than reading, or simply want to discuss more about what you have read, contact our office at 214-321-4105.

The Garland website gives you two options when it comes to your traffic tickets:

  • Option #1 – Plead No Contest or Guilty and Pay the Fine
  • Option #2 – Plead Not Guilty and Request a Pre-trial Hearing
Paying A Ticket In Garland, What You Need To Know

Paying A Ticket In Garland, What You Need To Know

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has useful information regarding the drivers license point system. Take a look for more information on surcharges. Why mention points and surcharges? Choosing to handle the case on your own could lead to you needing that additional information. Pleading guilty and paying the fine is an automatic conviction. Pleading no contest without any stipulations set in place to protect your driving record is another automatic conviction. Automatic convictions on moving violations result in points while convictions on citations like no insurance, no license, or license invalid will result in surcharges. Pleading not guilty will require you to set up a court date at which point you will be taking a gamble on the case. If found not guilty, congratulations, your case will be dismissed and all you had to do was take time out of your schedule on 2 or 3 different occasions. If you are still found guilty, you took out the same amount of time only now you no longer have the ability to get an agreement that will protect your driving record from points or surcharges.

Seems a little dicey and strenuous to go at it alone. Are you able to? Absolutely. Do we advise you to? Depends. You have not given us a call to go over your case first. Reach us at 214-321-4105 to go over your case and get an honest evaluation on what will be the best way to handle your citation.