No Inspection Tickets Dismissed in Garland, Texas

How To Get Inspection Ticket Dismissed

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Inspection Tickets are issued to people who have forgotten to take their car in for the annual inspection process or have a mechanical failure that won’t allow their vehicle to pass.  The inspection traffic ticket can be issued anytime after the expiration of the sticker.  However, most officers are trained to wait past the 5 day window period before pulling people over for inspection sticker violations.

How To Get An Inspection Sticker Ticket Dismissed

The law states that any person can get a dismissal of an inspection sticker traffic ticket if they got the vehicle inspected and it passed on or before the 60th day after the inspection went out.  For example, your inspection expired on January 1.  You would have until February 29th to get the vehicle inspected.  31 days in January plus the 29 days in February equals the extra 60 days the law allows.  A dismissal of an inspection ticket does not mean that you will not have to pay something to the court.  The law allows that a $20.00 dismissal fee be paid for the cost of issuing the inspection ticket.  However, this is much cheaper than the normal $160.00 fine associated with the ticket.

What To Do If Inspection Was Out For More Than 60 Days

Even if your inspection was out for more than 60 days, you need to get it done as soon as possible.  Garland Municipal Court will still dismiss the case in many instances even though the inspection was out for more than 60 days.  There is not guarantee that this policy may change.  However, it has been our experience as traffic ticket attorneys in Garland that the prosecutor will dismiss a case if the person has remedied the compliance issue.