If You Think You Might Have A Warrant In Garland Read This First

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Finding Citation Information In Garland

Do I Have A Warrant In Garland

Do I Have A Warrant In Garland

Garland Municipal Court has listed their contact information on their website. It does not allow you to do a quick search so you will want to allow yourself a 10-15 minute window to get through the appropriate personnel that can provide you information. If you have found that information and you in fact have a warrant, contact us to go over it and retain us to get the warrant lifted. If you did not find the information but still feel that you have something pending, still give us a call and we will work together to see what  we can find. You can reach our staff that handles violations based in Garland and other surrounding areas at 214-321-4105.

Garland Municipal Court occasionally sends out warrant letters and if you have been alerted about your case that way, look here to read about what to do next. Lifting the warrant seems like the obvious answer but figuring out how to do so without impacting your driving record is an even better one. When you retain an attorney to lift the warrant on your behalf you are avoiding an automatic conviction. In most cases we are able to address the prosecutors and the judge to reach an agreement that will still give you the opportunity to protect your driving record. In others we are unable to undo the convictions given on a defaulted agreement but can still make payment on your behalf to ensure you are not wasting your time or faced with additional charges.

Whether you know that you have a warrant, think that you have a warrant, or simply have a ticket that has a fast approaching court date that you know you will not have time to attend, contact our office at 214-321-4105 to discuss the alternative options you have to prevent you from having to handle the matter on your own and alone.