How To See If Your Driver’s License Is Suspended In Texas

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As Garland traffic ticket attorneys, we are called upon to handle a variety of matters for our clients.  One of the main issues a Garland ticket attorney must have a handle on are driver’s license related matters.  For example, if you have been issued no driver’s license ticket in Garland, Texas what are the ramifications of that violation if it becomes a conviction on your permanent record?  If you have been issued a driving while license suspended ticket in Garland will you be required to pay surcharges?  This article is intended to help those with suspended license issues in Garland, Texas.


The first step in helping a person with a suspended license ticket is not signing them up for representation on the ticket.  That is not how we train our staff here.  Most attorneys will simply state a price for the driving while license suspended ticket in Garland and move on.  However, this does not solve the problem.  Our first question regarding driver’s license related tickets is “why is the license suspended?”  The second question is, “what is it going to take to get you back in good standing with Texas DPS?”


As far as the first question goes, in order to perform a background search on your driving status, we are going to need some basic identifying information.  That information is as follows:

  • Driver’s License Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Last Four Digits Of Social Security Numbersuspended

Once we have this information we then visit the Texas Department of Public Safety Eligibility Website.  After performing this check, we can then determine what it is going to take to remedy the suspension issue.  We create a “game plan” with our clients to accomplish this goal.  Then and only then do we determine how to address the actual traffic ticket for driving while license invalid in Garland, Texas.  If you have a driving while license invalid, suspended or no driver’s license ticket in Garland, Texas give our office a call to discuss your case further.