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Garland Municipal Court is beginning to ramp up for warrant roundup again.  You need to know a few things about the warrant roundup season that are crucial to helping you make smart decisions when it comes to your finances and your permanent record.  Removing warrants the right way is absolutely crucial in Texas today.  This article is a brief description of some of the problems of removing a warrant the wrong way and how it can come back to haunt a person for years to come.  If you would like to discuss your warrants in Garland for tickets or would like our ticket attorneys to remove those warrants for you, give us a call today.


 The Most Common Mistake

The most common mistake we see when a person has warrants for their arrest in Garland Municipal Court are as follows:

  • Doing Time Served – This is when a person gets arrested and decides to sit out the tickets.  The issue with this method is that it doesn’t save a person any money.  In fact it ends up costing them more.  The reason why is that time served is the equivalent of being found guilty of the charge you were arrested for.  So as an example, if you sat out a no insurance ticket, a no driver’s license ticket and a speeding violation, then each of those charges would be reported to Texas DPS as final convictions.  Once they are reported as convictions, DPS is then required to assess a surcharge as follows:
    • No Insurance = $750.00 over 3 years
    • No Driver’s License = $750.00 over 3 years
    • Speeding = 2pts on the driving record of the individual potential for increased insurance rates

The total amount of lost income for time served after you sit in jail for a week is over $1,500.00.  Again, this is after you are released from jail.  So what is the benefit of sitting in jail then?  There isn’t any.

Does Hiring A Lawyer For Warrants In Garland Save You Money?

The only real way to save money is to spend a bit to get a lawyer to help you remove the warrant without it going on your record and having that same attorney appear in court on your behalf to negotiate a resolution with the prosecutor for Garland Municipal Court.  So the next question is will hiring an attorney save you money?  Take the example above describing the 3 cases of no insurance, no driver’s license and speeding.  Let’s work through a typical result with an attorney.

  • The attorney’s fees for 3 cases in warrant in Garland Municipal Court will normally cost you around $300.00 depending on whether or not the person is actually in jail or still at large.  So your investment in a legal professional is an expense to account for.
  • Next, the attorney will get the warrant lifted and appear in Garland Municipal Court to resolve the cases.  Let us say hypothetically, that the no insurance case is kept off your record for a fee of $350.00 owed to the court.  Next, the No Driver’s License case is dismissed.  Finally the speeding case is kept off your record for an additional fee of $180.00 owed to Garland Municipal Court.
  • At this point you have an investment in legal fees and fees owed to the court in the total amount of $830.00

Comparing Time Served With Hiring A Lawyer – Cost Benefit Analysis

Under Scenario 1, the client did a week in jail and did not have to pay any money to an attorney or to Garland Municipal Court.  Seems like this would be the cheapest route right?  That is why so many people make the mistake of doing jail time.  However, what they find is that they now owe surcharges in  the amount of $1500.00.  If they do not pay these surcharges then their license is suspended indefinitely.  Once a license is suspended it can be even more expensive to obtain an occupational license. or can even cause insurance rates to skyrocket to an additional $1800.00 a year above normal premiums.  However, let’s just focus on the single fee owed to DPS in the amount of $1500.00.  Time served under the scenario above costs a person this amount.  Now lets compare to the cost of hiring a lawyer.

As stated above, hiring a lawyer will cost a person about $300.00 for the cases listed above.  Fees owed to the court after the warrants are lifted are going to cost an estimated $530.00.  The total expenses incurred by a person are going to be around $830.00.  This is almost half of what a person would have to pay for sitting in jail for a week.  At the end of it all, the person’s record is clear from convictions and no surcharges owed to DPS.  The license will remain in good standing if it was previously and there will be no need to worry about a conviction causing a driver’s license suspension under this scenario.


Be Smart With Your Money

We write articles like this so that you make your money work for you.  The State of Texas is hoping you do jail time so they can continue to make money off you well after you have been released from jail.  We think you should tell them to go to hell.  Keep your hard earned money.  Does it cost you in the beginning to hire a legal professional?  Of course it does.  But, it saves you so much money in the end that it is almost always worth the cost.  Make smart money decisions, by hiring a Garland ticket attorney for warrants in Garland Municipal Court.  We are here to help.  The call is free.  Pick up the phone and give us the chance to save you money.