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How To Address Initial Appearance Dates In Garland

How To Address Initial Appearance Dates In Garland

There are several preconceived notions about the many things that happen in a court setting. Let me tell you right here and now that they are mostly inaccurate. We know what happens, what to do, and how to handle the situation so that you are minimally impacted by the outcome. We can be reached at 214-321-4105 to go over your citation, cover what to expect, and to get you signed up so that you have one less things to stress about. 

Garland Municipal Court does not have an extensive searching system on their website like other courts, but they do list common citation pricing as well as their contact information. Proceeding from here assuming you already know your information we want to cover what will happen next. The initial appearance is the basis for people to let the court know what their intentions will be moving forward. If you are choosing to pay the citation they will have you enter a plea of guilty or no-contest to close the case and allow you to pay. If you are entering an additional agreement this is also when the stipulations could be addressed. Entering a plea of not guilty or having conditions that are not agreeable will result in a secondary date being issued to allow you time to speak with a prosecutor or a judge depending on what your case entails. Sound confusing? It is and it is not and ultimately this is a good moment to highlight a huge benefit of hiring an attorney that handles cases in the Garland Municipal Court to handle the matter for you… we do everything and you hang back waiting for updates. If you did not address the citation on or  before the appearance date there could be a chance you have gone into an active warrant status. Read this previous blog if you would like more information regarding warrants in Garland.

Take advantage of our services to keep your time free and open to do your day to day activities without having them interrupted. Let us go over your case details with you so that we may explain what will be the best actions to take moving forward. Our staff is prepared to address your case over the phone in most cases at 214-321-4105.