Did You Receive A Warrant Letter From Garland Municipal Court?

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If you have received the infamous warrant roundup letter from Garland Municipal Court do not panic.  This article is intended to help you understand what steps you need to take to resolve your traffic tickets in Garland Municipal Court as well as avoid arrest.  If you would like to contact our Garland Attorneys that assist with warrant roundup in Garland, Texas feel free to call us today.

The Purpose Of The Warrant Letter

There is a famous song lyric that states, “I am fearful that we live our lives in fear.”  The sole purpose of the warrant letter sent by Garland Municipal Court is to create a level of fear in the fact that an arrest will be forthcoming if you do not resolve your tickets.  However, the letter does not state the best way to resolve the traffic ticket warrants in your favor.  Instead, it gives instructions and times to contact the court to work out payment plans to avoid arrest.

On the surface a payment plan sounds good to avoid arrest.  However, the problem with payment plans is that they are counted as convictions on your permanent record.  In many cases, the penalties associated with the convictions far outweigh the financial expense of the ticket itself.  For example, did you know a payment plan entered into with Garland Municipal Court on a no insurance ticket will cost you an additional $750.00 in surcharges owed to The Texas Department of Public Safety?  Further, if these fees are not paid, then the person’s license is declared invalid indefinitely until they are.

What really hurts is that the person who receives the warrant letter and enters into these agreements truly feels they are doing the “right thing” only to find out that the only party that benefited from this arrangement was Garland Municipal Court.

What To Do With The Warrant Letter

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Of course you need to take the warrant letter seriously.  However, what we suggest is you take that letter to a legal professional that can outline all of your options to get the warrant removed as well as protect you from the financial penalties that can be assessed against you for entering into a payment arrangement with Garland Municipal Court.  There are methods to accomplish both the goals of Garland Municipal Court and the client where both parties can walk away with what they want and nobody gets hurt in the process.  Call our attorneys that help with warrant roundup in Garland, Texas to learn more.